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Such lovely business owners, really attentive, helpful and know their stuff!
They will not rip you off and try their best to get things done as fast as they can and always with a smile! :)

100% recommend, thank you for your help!   02-01-15


Really shocking customer service! They are rude, unprofessional and basically don't care.

I was promised 3 days maximum to unlock my phone and so I went with them over other phone shops but it ended up taking over a week. They basically lied to me as once it's processing you can't do anything about it. The amount of times they said 'end of tomorrow madam we promise', for it to be the next day and then the next day after that. When I demanded a refund they said they couldn't because 'their manager wasn't in' which is bull. So I thought I'd write them a review in exchange.

They are rude liars and make up ridiculous excuses and aren't sorry when things go wrong. They tried to get rid of me while they worked out why it was taking so long (but I am certain it was because they forgot to set up the process of unlcoking) but I refused to leave until I knew what was going on. Whilst I was waiting in the shop for them another customer came in, a young girl, saying the wire she bought off them the day before wasn't working properly and its connection was temperamental, and they refused to swap it for her and laughed at her once she had left.

I would 100% NOT recommend this store, go to the one on the top floor of the St Nicolas shopping centre, they are brilliant and helped me super fast after this problem.   02-01-15