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Worst phone repair shop I ever had to deal with. I had my iPhone 5 screen repaired by this shop 6 months ago for £70, but it was so poor quality that it broke whitin days. The shop owner argued that it wasn't a genuine iPhone screen and not guaranteed. Therefore he offered to replace the screen with a genuine Apple iPhone 5 one for £90 and a 6 month guaranty, which I agreed. Few days later I noticed a fault in the top part of the screen and went back to the shop. They refused to fix or change the screen and accused me of having pressed the screen too hard or sat on it! Their lack of proper arguments ended with the "you-have-to-leave-my-shop" speech. I didn't and they started trying to push me aggressively. All that was a very very bad experience and I will never deal with this kind of shop for my phones repairs. The sign "pay peanuts get monkeys" should be shown in that shop. STAY AWAY, DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE GUYS.