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Dont not use this shop. They have had my phone since tuesday 11th June 2013. Was told would only take 1hr to repair water damage. Go back get told to come back in 2 days as the motherboard needs repairing. Come back in 2days to find they have sent my phone off to have the motherboard repair without asking me and to come back in 4days. Went back on the monday and got told phone is still not there come back next day, next day I phoned and phone still was not back but was assured would be back on weds and would be fixed. I then go back in on weds and my phone is doing exactly the same as it was when I brought it in to then be told they need to change the screen and would be ready in 2days time yet again. So friday I phone and get told oh no its not here its at our warehouse being repaired give me one more day come get it sat. So here we are Sat 22nd June 2013 and go into get it only to be told that my phone is there and they needed to put it together give us 20 mins. Come back its a completely different colour because they supposedly changed the housing cause of the water damage and now I need to come back in 3hrs as they need to a system update. So 3hrs later I come back and got seen by another man who works there and says oh thats not ur phone its still at my warehouse to which I said I want my phone 2day and my money back and got told come back 10am on sunday. So warning do not use if u ever wanna see ur phone again   22-06-13